Jessica Ivins

Dec 17, 2020

3 min read

All Bubbles Pop Eventually — Which One Are You In?

I’ve deliberately spent time in a variety of neighborhoods in New York City to explore the reality bubbles and look into what made each one feel different to me. It didn’t take long to realize that perhaps it was these bubbles across a larger scale that could be the culprit of humanity’s on going troubles.

It seemed that these bubbles of a perceived reality where groups of people are living in, whether geographical or mental mapping, make it difficult for them to see or have empathy for those who may be residing in a different bubbles of reality. This is a sad truth for humanity and I can’t help but think that these bubbles need popping for people to see beyond the illusions of the bubble makers, the controllers of society such as government leaders and the talking heads with hidden agendas on the tv.

Before we get to popping let’s first look at the ingredients, the soap and water so to speak, the things that make up the bubbles that turn an internal motivation into systems of belief. The soapy foundation can be based on philosophies of ego, religion, government, nations, science, medical, culture, business, and really anything that is polarizing. Then, the. water we could say are the people doing the feeding into the believing.

Next, all the maker needs to do to form a reality bubble to serve their goal is mix soap and water, dip in their wand, and blow; or perhaps just work with the pre-existing wind and go with the flow.

Now I will poke…

How is it that with a marketed goal of “health” for all, the same person who believes wearing a mask and social distancing saves lives can also yell threats of death to a person who feels a wearing a mask isn’t beneficial for their mental health?

How is it that with a marketed goal of “unity” in government, more time is spent taking jabs at or arguing with someone who votes differently than you?

How is it that with a marketed goal of “peace” nations kill each other’s people in wars because they disagree and most don’t even know why they are truly fighting?

How is it that with a marketed goal of “equality” provoked protests head to the streets to give more power to the perpetrator by claiming a suppressed state of victimization?

How is it that with a marketed goal of “prosperity” for all, large corporate conglomerates offer the lowest prices to consumers only possible because their products are made by poorly paid employees in dehumanizing conditions?

In all of these situations it seems to me the main narrative is an illusion generated for the outer appearance while the reality is actually inverted and opposite of what it appears externally to be. But why? How could this be? What is the purpose of all the mind fuckery? Well, it’s simple you see, they didn’t become the powers that be that create our reality by being compassionate and loving, they just mastered the art of bubble blowing.

And for the popping…

Well with everything in life you always have a choice right? You can either live in the controllers fabricated story until it pops unpleasantly unexpectedly or you can educate yourself, enjoy bubble popping proactively, and live in your own reality. All bubbles pop eventually… the South Sea Bubble of 1720, the Stock Market Bubble of the Roaring 20s, the Dot-Com Bubble of the 1990s, and for the Tech Bubble will it pop in 2020? I guess we will see.

Until then my advice would be if your beliefs are shaped by the people on tv, try watching both FOX and NBC then you’ll see the game they are playing and the bubbles they are blowing around humanity.