While the masses are currently fearful about Covid19 and fighting over orchestrated things strategically marketed to manipulate provoking conflict between human beings, I have something to share that is far more frightening if we continue to participate in the battles with each other that we should not be fighting.

Did you know we are made up of DNA? You have your own special blueprint made up of your own individual special coding. Everything you do, everything you think, everything you read, and everything you put on your body and eat everyday has a huge affect on the health of your DNA. At the root level of every illness and disease, we are talking cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and all those other nasty no good things are caused by your consumption and daily life routine.

The good news here is once you know this, you have the power to reverse generations of disease causing your DNA damage. I learned during a trip to the Amazon that the Earth gives us everything we need. We are provided with nothing more and nothing less to live in happiness and peace. Yet due to greed and misuse of technology that they tell us is progress, we continue to mindlessly consume and consume just to increase their net worth. Meanwhile, it’s destroying our true biology and killing our beloved Mother Earth. Think about that for a minute. I know I’m guilty of this and I’m no where near perfect, but I’m determined to do my part now in efforts to reverse it.

For the last few years, I’ve been focused on my own health. I’ve adjusted my diet, my mind, and what’s important for me to become my best self. I’ve still got work to do as self work is never ever truly done. There were times I got too obsessed with progress and forgot life is also meant to be fun. Those moments taught me the importance of balance and how to successfully live between worlds. I began to understand the macrocosm and microcosm of my mind to my body and how everything is complexly connected to a universal soul.

I’ve been shy and perhaps scared to share this part of me. I’ve observed others who do get called woo woo, too religious, and crazy. Then they were isolated and chastised by many, sadly including close friends and family. I realized this happens because those people aren’t ready to participate in their own self healing. The natural reaction is to attack your new found sanity. That’s only due to their own fear of digging deep and exploring the truth of their own inner being. I understand this because that once was me. I avoided trusting myself and my own deep universal knowing. I too often relied on things outside myself. I needed validation and others to tell me what’s best for my own life and my own health.

It wasn’t until I turned off and tuned out of the constant noise with everything else, that I gained access to this profound wisdom that flows to me from my highest self. It often rhymes, like this, it’s pretty funny to me. I’ve never considered myself a writer of poetry. However, I found when the messages that come to me tend to rhyme, that it’s not something I read in a book, it’s actually coming from someplace divine. This is a strange thing for me to admit and share, because for 33 years I didn’t believe that anything I couldn’t see for myself was real. Now I can no longer deny these knowings that I feel.

All that being said, back to original topic at hand. More about our DNA and how to reverse the damage causing all these health problems for man. I’m going to do my best not to assume thoughts as facts. I’m only speaking to things that I’ve experienced and witnessed first hand that got my health and others close to me back on track. I’ve seen getting to the root of the issue is crucial to real healing. Taking prescription pills or injecting a magic potion by vaccinating only leads to a worse relapsing. To reverse the curse, to find the actual cure, you have to identify what causes it first.

Let’s start with a example that most everyone has a person in their life that this could relate to. They say smoking causes lung cancer so you should stop smoking to prevent it. But let’s ask the question what causes a person to smoke and find the real cancer causing culprit. Anxiety and addiction are both very common reasons. So let’s then ask why does a person experience these things in their life and how to we stop them? Anxiety we could say is due to not trusting life’s processes with fear of the future. Addiction is caused by fear of true self and being scared of owning your authentic nature.

When you hold these fears long enough in your vibration, it causes a subconscious reaction in your body that causes a desire to stop the pain in motion. So you light up a cigarette for the instant fix without ever solving the problem of why you think you need it. So the cycle continues on with a temporary solution, thus it’s altering your DNA with each puff you take in.

Eventually the DNA gets permanently. damaged. Then, depending on the other aspects of life that your mind and body are dealing with, the damaged DNA copies itself leaving no good stuff left for healing it. So the bad stuff stays and piles up creating a tumor in the lungs that is cancerous. At a certain point it gets big enough; where not only are the bad cells piled up it also starts to kill the remaining good stuff.

So you stop smoking, perhaps that’s good, and maybe you start chemo like the doctors tell you too. The thing about chemo though, is it kills the good cells too. So logic tell us chemo is useless and ridiculously expensive unless you fix the root of issue, the cause of your anxiety or addition. Chances are the white coats with PHDs won’t tell you this, the longer you stay on chemo the bigger their paycheck is. If you find one that does, then you’ve found a good one. I feel that means their ultimate goal is to help humans.

Now let’s frame this up to find the solution. You now have bad cells replicating faster while killing the good cells meant to reverse the bad creation. The only way to create new good cells that reverse this situation is to rid of the thoughts that created your anxiety or addiction. So how do you stop fearing the future and own who you are? It’s not easy but it’s worth it once you decide you have something more to live for. I would say that’s a good place to start to create new DNA and rebuild your natural blueprint to replicate in a healthy way. That something worth living for will be different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a big thing and once you 100% believe that you can do it, it’s then reached the point where you’ve already won.

I’ve only scratched the surface with all this I know. It is a bit more complex than I have written and shown. My goal in sharing is to remind you of the power each one of has inside and that the true healing happens when mind, body, and soul align. There’s many good resources to do your own research but all the answers already exist inside. There are people who will disagree and call this truth a conspiracy. However I feel those are the ones that seek selfish opportunities to take advantage of humanity. No, not all medical professionals are bad. Most are just doing what they have been taught and applying the expensive education they have. Imagine a world where everyone knew they could heal themselves. That is a scary thought for those who rely on the sick, as the more patients they have the more they financially benefit.

I do things, I feel things, I think about the deeper meaning of these things too much. Now, I’m writing instead of talking about it - so I can keep my friends.