People listen up! Guess what. I hate to break it to you but; there is no such thing as red versus blue or black versus white or me versus you. You see there’s only dark versus light. And really it’s not “versus” at all, because everything that is real is only light. It’s just that some lights at the moment aren’t as bright and the rest is merely AI.

So you bright lights you keep shining on and show the dim ones how you turn your own light on; even during a really bad storm. They may not understand what the heck you’re saying right now. They will deem it nonsense and foolish until their own truth is found. With that, remember your own dark phase and then where you’re at now. Unlearning the things you’ve always believed to be true is one of the most difficult things in life you can go through. Think back to your own triggers and the profound a-hah moments. Then the agony that followed when you stubbornly resisted only to find inner peace once you finally surrendered to it.

Share the stories of your process and what you went through. Just like the others who shared their own stories that truly helped you. Don’t forget to share what happened and what you felt when you finally found the courage to shine bright. Also how you kept your light strong despite the vampiric ones, those ones who kept trying to take it from you and turn it off.

I do things, I feel things, I think about the deeper meaning of these things too much. Now, I’m writing instead of talking about it - so I can keep my friends.