Sniffing Out the Deeper Meaning of the Tokyo Fannie Fans

Well here we go again friends. Another late night rendezvous with my own curious mind. Let’s go back to the time I encountered this unique “art” installation somewhere between my Tokyo apartment and Taco Bell. Yes, I was on a mission for a mission burrito shamelessly defending myself to my myself that on month 12 of perpetual traveling having had my fill of sushi and ramen and well, I was probably running out of money too. So Japanese Taco Bell at this moment was sounding pretty swell.

Me in 2017: OMG that’s pretty funny. Odd, interesting, bizarre. Hmmm wonder what it means? Ehh no time for deep thought, must eat Taco Bell. I’ll take a picture, post it, and cleverly caption it Tokyo Butt-Sniffers, laugh at myself, and be on my way to a stomach ache.

Me Right Now: Well maybe there is no rabbit hole here to explore but there’s definitely an asshole and in that case I can’t get too far unless I transmute into a nimble determined hamster or I befriend that guy that shrinks his kids… what’s his name… ahh yes Wayne Szalinski. Good thing I like making new friends. Thanks Dr. Szalinskiiiiii, into the asshole we go!

If you’re not laughing right now you should probably go back to mindlessly scrolling elsewhere because there’s a high probability that I am going to offend you, and that is certainly not my intention here. My only intention is to see past the shit (pun totally intended) and find the real meaning in things that we often overlook because our minds are constipated with the crap that society spoon-feeds us.

So here we go brave souls, this one is gonna be a dooky! Hopefully we get to the bottom of this, sniff out a deep message, and perhaps start a good solid movement.

So Tokyo is full of quirks for the kinks on every corner but this one was certainly memorable. I think because the direct meaning isn’t immediately available to be digested at first sight. Due to the obscurity, I thought for sure other tourists or even locals have written about the “colorful fannie fans.” So let’s begin the search uhhh — how would one say… “butt sniffers in Tokyo” “colorful people smelling butts Tokyo” “polka dotted ass eaters art Tokyo”nope nope nope… don’t try that on a public computer folks. Looks like I missed out on lots of other “interesting attr-ass-tions” in Tokyo, damn it, maybe next time.

Staying focused and diligent with my search here, I find a couple people who are asking the same question about the strange installation on reddit and quite frankly I really hope none of them are correct… because we are all wasting our time right now if that’s the case. While I render no judgement to anyone and their extracurricular activities. My intuition is saying that this odd fart art* piece found in a family oriented park is most likely not an ode to the ass-eating culture of Tokyo. But hey if indeed it is, I’m not gonna get my panties in a twist about it. Hah 😬.

The google machine fails sometimes friends and that’s okay. You know why? It’s gonna be alright. I know it’s hard to believe, but because we have our own minds we can actually make shit up too. It’s true, so let’s dig deep in the poo!

While my mind covered the spectrum of possibilities for the sake of time and I never know If anyone actually reads these… I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 theories.

  1. Unrequited Love

For some reason I’m channeling the song “Back 2 Good” by Matchbox 20. Maybe Rob Thomas can chime in on this one. To me that song is about everyone wanting what they can’t have — “And everyone here knows everyone here is thinking about somebody else.”

Situated in a circle, each human is crawling head down after the person in front of them that clearly has no returned interest as they too are occupied chasing the ass in front of them. They are so focused on wanting what they can’t have that they don’t even care to explore what else is out there. It’s like they find comfort in the pain of reaching for approval they will never achieve, it’s addicting, nobody wins.

Everyone believes they’re so different, but “inside we’re all the same,” in the case of the art piece they are all the same shape, they all have spots, perhaps the spots are the pain. It’s this viscous round and round, push and pull, hot and cold cycle of unrequited love. For the love of humanity; someone fucking turn around, lift up your head, get off of the crack, and love the one who loves you back, it smells better up here! Please note: this is a hypothetical theory, I don’t actually know what that smells like . A girl can dream though… a girl can dream.

2. Open Your Mind — Don’t Follow Behind

Or perhaps it’s a message to be yourself, to look up, think your own thoughts, be a leader, or make up your own mind… otherwise you’ll just be chasing tail in a circle going round and round never getting anywhere. If you are too concerned about catching up to the person in front of you, you’ll never look up long enough to learn of much less go after your own dreams. And by the looks of it here everyone is just looking to follow everyone else. It’s not until you break the chain, break the norm, relieve the need to be like everybody else, finally think outside the ass chasing circle. Only then can you be your own person and live as your authentic self to achieve the greatness that you aspire to.

3. Absolutely Nothing

Or maybe, just maybe, they are just literally people benches for the people to sit on with no additional meaning whatsoever And I can somberly surrender to the fact that sometimes there doesn’t have to be a deeper meaning to things. Sometimes Tokyo butt sniffers can be Tokyo butt sniffers and perhaps I just journeyed us through the dirty darkness for shits and giggles. But wasn’t it fun? And I’m okay with that because fun is fun. Alright now my rant is done.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and see what the Tokyo Butt Sniffers are saying to you…

After all, everything in life is up for interpretation… am I doing it right?

I do things, I feel things, I think about the deeper meaning of these things too much. Now, I’m writing instead of talking about it - so I can keep my friends.