The Dark Side of the Moon Can’t Hide From the Sun

Alright what else needs to happen for us to to see what’s truly happening right now to humanity? It’s absolute pure insanity. I’m angry. I’m livid. I’m ready to fight. I’m not ashamed anymore for the way I feel. It’s time to speak up in order to make things right.

Don’t tell me to calm down. I won’t sit here and drown. Our mouths have voices with a purpose to be used to speak. The same mouth they are demanding we mask up in attempt to make us feel weak. I wore a mask long enough only to find I couldn’t breathe. I’m not entitled or selfish and I’m not trying to harm others. Those suggesting that have a mind that is being controlled to use those words to provoke fear and attack another.

Why is it that everyone who submits and believes the controllers on tv are the same ones who wish ill will on those sharing truth with the true intent to protect and preserve humanity? Why are the brave and courageous being deleted and silenced? Why do you think all this information is being deliberately hidden from us? This clearly isn’t about a mask at all. This is about the hidden agenda of those fiending for all the control! This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s real. We must stop allowing this to be our new reality.

I don’t have the answers right now. But I’m asking the questions who, what, why, and how? What’s next? What else? Why, why, why are allowing our lives to be stolen from ourselves. Call me dramatic. I really don’t care anymore. I have nothing to lose and they are taking away everything else worth living here for.

I have some faith left but it’s fading quick. It’s hard to believe in goodness when humans perpetually fight each other over manipulated media tricks attaching our consciousness to this awful false matrix. I know WE ARE in this together battling for the collective consciousness. But I’m having an extremely difficult time remaining positive.

Tomorrow I’ll be better I’m sure, however I had to let this out. I learned emotions should be expressed even when expressing anger and doubt. If they are left inside to fester and dwell I would just continue living as a prisoner in my own personal hell. I’ve learned that does nothing good for me nor for anyone else. So perhaps this is the individual part of doing my part to help the collective rise from the dark illusions by speaking up and lifting myself.

I refuse to live in fear anymore starting today. I won’t be silenced by the deceived who are being coerced in what they say. I think for myself and I feel for everyone. My words are spoken from my heart connected to source, our creator, who created us as ONE. And my heart knows the light will shine on us all again, just as it’s always done. The moon has a dark side but it can’t hide from the sun.

I do things, I feel things, I think about the deeper meaning of these things too much. Now, I’m writing instead of talking about it - so I can keep my friends.