The Domino Effect: A Little Caesar Situation

The dominoes are set and I’m not talking about pizza. Interestingly enough the dominoes are falling into a little Caesar situation. And I’m not so sure Papa John can save us from this one. Okay I’m hungry now. Enough with the pizza puns. Beware this may or may not be fun. Let’s talk about the metaphorical dominoes preparing to fall and how it could possibly affect us all.

Imagine a map of the USA with 50 dominoes strategically placed one on each state. Then there’s some giant hands deciding which to push first starting the chain reaction of Our nation’s fate. If we follow the analogy whilst learning from history, we can take a look at the little Caesar situation with his “friends” Crassus, and Pompey. They formed this supposed alliance thing called the First Triumvirate. It sounded promising when presented. However, we know how silly men get when it comes to power and pushing their own hidden agendas.

It’s safe to say that decisions made based on deception and greed never turn out as they lead the innocent people to believe. I’ll let you place who’s who in our current timeline. However I feel there’s no need to waste too much time. I would suggest letting them play their own game while you continue to write your own desired fate. You can’t control what they do but you don’t have to let what they do control you.

Maybe build your own hut and throw a big pizza soirée. No. Not one with a gate. Perhaps invite Papa John and Valentino if you do. I heard they love a good party too. Whatever happens, just know we are in this Earth party together. Remember we are even stronger when we help one another. Some make the food, some craft the drinks, others can play tunes, and we can enjoy life again without doom and gloom.

I do things, I feel things, I think about the deeper meaning of these things too much. Now, I’m writing instead of talking about it - so I can keep my friends.